Jiving on Regardless – My Ulcerative Colitis and JPouch Surgery

{April 21, 2010}   Pain Relief

Following a comment I had on my last post about having the coil I decided to speak to the Pharmacist about pain relief. Since having the damn thing put it in I have had constant bleeding and constant period like pains – most annoying! Given my obvious medical history i’m more than fully aware that you have to give things a chance so I am sticking with it but not for much longer if this continues.

Anyway, JM (my kindly gentleman commenter) reminded me that Ibuprofen is really not good for intestinal health. I of course know this as I had to live without it the entire time I had UC.  However, since having my JPouch I have become rather partial to popping the odd Ibuprofen when pains hit as A) I can and B) they work soooooo quickly and are soooooooo good. Gone are my days of living on the pathetic pain relief properties of paracetamol.

However, they really are not good for one with intestines such as ours so I figured I ought to get the low down on pain relief properly.  You’d think after ten years of UC I had investigated this more thoroughly before but no, I hadn’t or if I ever have I can’t remember.

So, I toddled into Lloyds Pharmacy and asked for a private consultation with the Pharmacist.  This made me giggle as there were a few people waiting in the pharmacy and you just know that they will have been wondering why I was going into that ‘private’ room. I always do when I see people go in there. I imagine conversations about genital warts and swollen testicles but then i’m silly and childish like that and many years in waiting rooms is a great enabler to an immature imagination.

So, I giggled and had my ‘private’ consultation.  Which really was much more dull than I imagine the imaginations of the people in the waiting room were making it.

It turns out that the only options of unprescribed pain relief are Ibuprofen based, Paracetamol based or Codeine based.  Ibuprofen is not so good for the gut but the best pain killer.  Paracetamol is, well, paracetamol.  Codeine based pain relief such as Co-codamol should not be taken for any longer than three days unless prescribed as it is found to be addictive after three days and a patient can then suffer withdrawal.  I avoid codeine like the plague as I have been there and done that and it really isn’t terribly pleasant (a consequence of 10 weeks of painkillers after surgery).

So, my private consultation with the pharmacist didn’t actually reveal anything I didn’t already know.  I now know that I should try paracetamol first and then hit the Ibuprofen if the pain continues.

I have a headache………..


jm says:

Have you tried soluble paracetamol? I was really surprised at how much faster this acted than the tablets and how effective it could be.

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